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Fit To Sell - An Innovative New Program Designed To Secure Home Equity

As more than 2,000 properties are listed for sale every day in Canada, RE/MAX has created Fit to Sell with the intention to help Canadians get the most out of their biggest investment - their home.

RE/MAX has enlisted the help of popular staging expert Carla Woolnough, host of the DVD series 'How to Stage your own Home' and owner of Nex-Step Design, to develop Fit to Sell.

The program encourages existing homeowners to increase their stake in the home-selling process by working with their real estate professional to bring their home to the market.

Fit to Sell ultimately rewards the seller's participation by maximizing sale price and minimizing on-market time. It is well known that location, price, and condition are the three major factors that come into play when selling a home - and while location and price are clearly choices made by the buyer at the onset, condition is the one factor that a seller can influence.

Sellers who make the right moves in preparing their home for sale can maximize their housing potential and ultimately improve their bottom line. After all, there are always buyers in the market and they are looking for quality product.

RE/MAX and Carla Woolnough, the national spokesperson for RE/MAX Fit to Sell, have created a checklist of the top 10 priorities for preparing a property for sale, ranging from air quality to furniture placement and lighting. The checklist and tips can also be found on "By following these simple and inexpensive tips, homeowners across the country can secure top dollar for their properties,' says Carla. "All it takes is a little upfront planning and some advice from your RE/MAX sales professional."

RE/MAX is Canada's leading real estate organization with over 18,000 sales associates situated throughout its more than 670 independently-owned and operated offices across the country. The RE/MAX franchise network, for over 36 years, is a global real estate system operating in more than 70 countries. Over 7,000 independently-owned offices engage more than 100,000 member sales associates who lead the industry in professional designations, experience and production while providing real estate services in resident, commercial, referral, and asset management.

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1. Air Quality/Odor/Pets/Holidays
2. Curb Appeal
3. Depersonalizing
4. Flooring
5. Furniture Placement and Lighting
6. Home Inspection
7. Main Selling Rooms
8. Paint
9. Pre-packing/Clutter/Editing
10. Updates and Repairs

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Fit To Sell

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